25 mobile applications for the car

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There are brands of cars that have created their own applications, aimed at controlling certain aspects of their cars, but some of the most useful uses we can give to our smartphones come hand in hand with the applications that are on the market developed for them. I limit myself many times to making use of the phone for calls, messages and GPS when the occasion requires it. But there are many App created to make easier some tasks that arise when we drive (be careful not to use the phone while driving). The applications and services they offer are moving at a frenetic speed, and in the automotive field it would not be an exception. Every day newer applications appear that make our driving more comfortable or effective. There are services that help in our travels with the car, car sharing with other people, fuel savings, maintenance reminders and even others that remind us where we have left our car parked.

Apps to save
To pay less when we stop to refuel we can make use of applications such as Gasolineras España and Gasolineras Baratas, with which to find gas stations with the cheapest rates or make comparisons with other service stations in the area.
Another way to save on our longer journeys is to use tools such as BlaBlaCar or Carpooling, with which we get in touch with other people who are going to make the same journey and thus share a car with them and split expenses.
As a last alternative in such applications, we will mention the carsharing services, with which we can access a car for a specific time using its applications. Respiro, Avancar and Bluemove are some examples of this type of company.

Applications for the maintenance and improvement of our driving
In this category of applications we find Michelin MyCar, which helps us to manage the maintenance of our car, reminding us when it touches the next revision of tires, brakes, liquids and others. At the moment it has some mistakes with the translations, but it is perfectly understood.
There is also DRIVETools, which tells us if we drive in an efficient way and how to do it to save fuel and reduce emissions. Similar to this we have AXA Drive, which also evaluates our driving and advises us how to perfect it to do it in a more efficient way.
One step further we find Torque, with which we connect our phone to the car’s central unit via cable or bluetooth and gives information on the status of the vehicle.
Finally we have iCar Black Box, which works as a black box. Record data and circumstances related to an accident, even using the camera.

Roadside assistance applications
In order to have real-time traffic information, we find the DGT application with which we will have access to the traffic cameras and a direct access to the 112. Waze is another application that informs about the traffic and works status, which is update with the information of the users of this.
Michelin Navigation has a GPS navigation interface with route management, traffic information, works, accidents and others.
To know where the radars, controls and helicopters of the DGT are, there are applications such as Kaza Live, Radardroid and Coyote, but as we discussed earlier, please do not manipulate the phone while driving.

Applications to remember where we park or find parking
I remember an occasion that was so engrossed in a conversation when parking in a mall that I did not notice or what plant had left my car. Go late I hit.
To avoid this kind of situations there are free apps that remind us where we left our car, iParking, My Car Locator, Where is my car? and Find My Car. We also have Park Me Right, something more complete, which calculates the shortest way to get to our car by showing it on a map.
To find parking there are applications such as Park Me, with a database of parking and Be Park, with which you can reserve the parking and pay for it, as well as remember where we left it.


Well, that, that by applications is not. We will look for the most curious car brand applications for a future article. There are already several car manufacturers that by way of the Torque application gives innumerable data about the car and can access functions of it from our smartphone or smartphone.


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